Kent Wei Luu

Ultra Trail Runner

My name is Kent Wei Luu and I was born & raised in California. Growing up, I was always an active person. I enjoyed daily walks to and from school. It was almost a form of therapy for me, letting my mind be free and wander, and before I knew it, I would be at my destination. One of my fondest memories was in upper elementary, training for the mile, which was a mandatory benchmark. I remember telling my mom, "I just love running, especially non-stop." As an adolescent, I fell in love was basketball, which I took very seriously. I became obsessed with the game. Throughout the years, I noticed that I although I wasn't the always the best player on the court, I regularly out-hustled the competition in order to gain an advantage for my team. I grew to learn that one of my strengths in sports and athletics was my passion of persistence and the spirit of not giving up. These qualities eventually translated rather seamlessly into the sport of trail running. At the end of the day, it's just you and the trails, with the exception of race day, which your primary goal is to out-hustle the competition. 

5 Top Achievements 

  • 2019 Champion - 30k - Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon
  • 2019 Champion - 25k - Sungai Menyala Forest Trail
  • 2019 Champion - 30k - Ultra Trail Langkawi
  • 2017 3rd place - 70k - Vietnam Jungle Marathon
  • 2016 First 100k TMMT -The Magnificent Merapoh Trail
  • 2010 First Ultra: North Face Championships: 50 Mile San Francisco

Kent's Favourite Gears

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