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Compressport Ultrun S Pack

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Ten years of technological know-how and testing under extreme conditions give the lightest 100-mile backpack ever! Designed in ultra-ventilated fibres, it is ultra-comfortable on the back and bust. It stays perfectly put whatever be your movements, shaped like a vest fitting the body without causing any constraint. Optimal storage areas are easily accessible and carry up to 1L of liquid. 

Product Details


  • It perfectly fits your bust and nothing it contains will move.

  • Weighing only 80g, you won't feel it even during intense efforts.

  • It causes no constraint or pressure.



  • It carries all your mandatory gear to cover up to 100-miles runs.

  • All your gear is easily accessible during the race.

  • 2 x 500ml Ergo Flasks are included.




Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

Energy Pocket


Ventilation zones on the sides, light, aerated, breathable mesh areas promote evaporation of sweat and quick drying. They also double up as easy to reach pockets on both sides for quick and easy nutrition storage. Their intelligent location prevents any bouncing around.



The ergonomic design has been created to allow the runner to create complete comfort for races of 100km plus, without irritations or pressure on sensitive points like the elbows, trapezius or the back. It is worn very high, like a bra. In this way, it prevents from any bouncing on the lower back and it assures maximum comfort even when the backpack is full of all the obligatory equipment required for an Ultra-trail runner.



Extra extendable mesh pockets that can quadruple their volume and at the same time prevent bouncing. 



No overheating because of its light weight structure. This boosts the exchange of air inside/outside as well as a 360o ventilation.



10 ergonomic pockets thought to carry the 3 indispensables: Water, Energy and Obligatory Equipment. At the front: 2 x 500 ml soft flasks or 2 x 750 ml rigid bottles - A direct and useful access. At the back: 1 soft flask of 650 ml placed horizontally. This astute way allows taking your bottle without removing the back-pack. Very useful during the supplies to fill the bottle in.

Poles Loop


The poles can be carried easily without bouncing and can be attached and removed extremely quickly.

Care Instructions

  • Machine Wash at 30°C

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Do Not Iron

  • Do Not Dry Clean

  • Do Not Tumble Dry

Size Guide

Ultrun S Pack Size Guide

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