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eNZees Foot Soother Mini Pack

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eNZees Foot Soother is all-natural wool that has been sheared from New Zealand sheep. The organic wool is washed and groomed through a special process called "carding" (a mechanical method that smooths and separates the natural fibers), which accounts for why you'll find your eNZees to be so soft, lightweight and easy to apply.

eNZees Foot Soother triple action helps prevent "hot-spots" from developing into blisters by providing a soft cushion between your shoes, socks and skin. It not only allows your affected areas to breathe by drawing moisture away from your skin, it also offers a rich natural lanolin which serves to help moisturize the skin and reduce friction.

eNZees weave their fibers into your socks as you walk, holding it into position. A simple, firm tug on your eNZees will cause the natural wool fibers to release from your sock.


  • Mini-packs are small for convenient stowing in your backpack, purse or pocket of your running shorts; each individual mini-pack holds enough wool for 2-3 applications
  • Biodegradable and compostable, organic New Zealand lambswool reduces friction between sock and skin and wicks away blister-causing moisture
  • Naturally occurring, curative lanolin in the wool soothes and softens your skin
  • Perfect for hikers, skiers, bikers, dancers, walkers or anyone who spends time on their feet
  • eNZees weave their fiber into your socks as you walk, helping hold it into position; when you're ready to remove them, a simple, firm tug releases them from your socks
  • Easy to apply when needed; no scissors, tape or glue needed
  • Lightweight, compact and packaged in water-resistant packaging for on-the-go use

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