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Nudus Beetroot Vegetable Chips

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These vibrant air-dried beets are off-the-scale delicious, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Take a bite of our sweet beets in all their bare-naked glory. Simply and slowly air-dried, we capture all the colour, flavour and nutrients. There’s nothing added – because why fake it when au-natural tastes this good? – and nothing taken away. 

Nudus' Belief

Some things in life you just shouldn’t rush. we air dry our fruit and vegetable slices to create a snack that’s light and crunchy, full of flavour and big on nutrients 


no additives or flavours are needed. our slowly air-dried, totally naked fruit and vegetable is incredible the way it is, just as nature intended



air-drying the freshest, in season ingredients keeps all the goodness in while creating a chip with incredible crunch



fruit and vegetables as gloriously naked as the day they were picked in sunny Australia 

Nudus' Promises

Air-Dried. Never Fried. Never Baked.

Each slice is slowly air-dried to create the incredible crunch you crave while keeping all the essential nutrients inside every bite

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