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Triple3 Virtual Challange - "Speed, Elevation, Endurance"

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  • How to Make Payment? Fill in the Registration Form and Make Payment?
    1. Make payment via Official Online payment portal: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/triple3virtualchallenge
    2. Malaysia Resident: payment using Online Bank Transfer
    3. Non-Malaysian Resident: payment via PayPal or Credit Card
    4. Participant will receive an OFFICIAL PAYMENT confirmation number (SMxxxx-xx) and an official email from Sportlicious Malaysia to acknowledge payment.
    5. Proceed to ONLINE Google Form to complete the TEAM registration.

  • How to Fill in the Registration Form?
    1. Fill up the ONLINE Race Registration Form: https://forms.gle/NzLHf64ZJWphRQGW7
    2. In the form, you will be prompted to make payment to obtain your Order Confirmation Number (e.g. SM0000-00) to proceed. Please follow Step 1 (above) to make the necessary payment.
    3. Once you obtain your Order Number (e.g. SM0000-00), proceed to complete filling in a total of 5 pages of the race registration form.
    4. The following information are required to complete Race Registration Form:
      • Team Name
      • Country
      • Order Confirmation Number ((e.g. SM0000-00)
      • Team Member Name
      • Email Address
      • D.O.B
      • Contact Number
      • Gmail email address of all team members (a valid Gmail account is required)

  • Why do I need to select a delivery method?

    Choose GDEX courier services to enjoy FREE delivery charges.

  • Where can I find the Race Information? 

    The following race information can be found in the main race registration site: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/triple3virtualchallenge
  1. Race Registration Form
  2. Q&A
  3. About
  4. Objectives 
  5. Virtual Race Procedure
  6. Rules & Regulations
  7. Terms & Conditions

  • How and why connect to Sportlicious Malaysia Strava club?

    1. Link: https://www.strava.com/clubs/sportliciousmalaysia
    2. Click on Follow to Join the Club.
    3. Sportlicious Malaysia Strava Club is open to athletes of all levels, skills, races and ethnic group. Everyone is welcome to join. In our community, you decide the sport you love. Running, jogging, mountain trailing, walking, cycling, swimming or indoor fitness. We are here to connect athletes and individuals of all skills, levels and ability.

      We are here to support each other, to encourage with Kudos, to push each other a step further, to make beating your yesterday possible! Healthy competition in a healthy way. Our main mission is the Keep the Passion going.

  • Who do I contact if I face a problem?

    For any assistance or clarification, please contact us at:
    WhatsApp Texts: +60 18-288 7392
    Email: theultimatevirtualchallenge@gmail.com


Major sports events around the world have been cancelled or postponed with no specific time to
restart. Going virtual still gives us the opportunity to compete, have fun and be part of this
amazing community of fitness. Would be a shame if your training was a waste of time, wouldn't it?

TOL (The Obstacle Lab) and Sportlicious Malaysia came up with The TRIPLE3 Virtual Challenge, a
team challenge for a duration of 10 days. The teams will be competing in running speed, elevation
gained, and calories burnt for a maximum of 30 minutes per session per challenge. The highest
score accumulated for all three categories wins.

Virtual Race Procedure & Regulations:

The format of the race is in Team of 3. No person is fixed to perform a selected challenge for the entire 10 days. The 3 challenges can be rotated between the 3 participants. Only the best record for the day is to be recorded in the leaderboard by 10:30PM daily. Teams with the best result for each challenge will be awarded accordingly. Should a team champion all 3 segments, that team will be awarded the title: THE TRIPLE3 VIRTUAL CHALLENGE CHAMPION!


  • CALORIES: Burn as much calories as you can within 10 days. 
  • MAXIMUM time required per session for calories burn is 30 minutes.
  • MINUMUM 150Kcal burnt is required per session.
  • Participant can perform any form of exercise or activity during this duration.
  • A minimum of 2000 calories burnt is required within the 10 days challenge to quality as a winner and or finisher.


  • SPEED: Accumulate your running distance within 10 days.
  • MAXIMUM time required per session for speedwork is 30 minutes.
  • Participant is required to run as fast as you can for 30 minutes and record the distance achieved.
  • A minimum running distance of 20km is required within the 10 days challenge to quality as a winner and or finisher.


  • ELEVATION: Accumulate as much elevation for the 10 days.
  • MINIMUM time required per session for elevation gain is 30 minutes.
  • Participant is required to run/hike/walk/climb for 30 minutes and record the elevation gain achieved per session.
  • A minimum elevation gain of 500m is required within the 10 days challenge to quality as a winner and or finisher.


  1. Team of 3 members, with a minimum of (1) Female member. 
  2. The cardio and strength workout, and running activity can be done anywhere – be it in a gym, at a park, at home, in the trails, or at any place convenient to you.
  3. Team members will have 10 days to complete this challenge.
  4. Top 3 Teams to complete having the highest accumulated distance, elevation and calories burnt over the 10 days wins and will be awarded accordingly.
  5. Each member is required to clock a minimum distance, elevation and calories burnt over the 10 days period.
  6. Participants are not required to perform the challenge every day. As long as each participant achieved the minimum required within the 10 days, their team will stand a chance to win or be awarded as a finisher.
  7. Team members are not required to run or workout together and may choose to run at your own time and convenience.
  8. Time recording will be based on MOVING Time. 
  9. Team members are required to FOLLOW “SPORTLICIOUS MALAYSIA” Club on STRAVA under http://strava.com/clubs.sportliciousmalaysia
  10. Each member must set their STRAVA activity to public setting during the 10 days duration of the challenge. Failure to do so will cause the entire team to be disqualified.
  11. Each challenge must show the following information:
    1. Date
    2. Distance
    3. Time (moving time)
    4. Total Elevation Gain (in meters)
    5. Average Pace
    6. Calories Burnt 
    7. Watch Mode: Run, Trail, Stairs, Indoor Run, Gym Workout, Indoor Workout
  12. Team members are required to upload a screenshot of their daily STRAVA activities into their respective Team PHTO ALBUM in Google Drive (link will be provided). 
  13. The screen shot of each members Strava result have to show the following: time stamp, distance, calories burnt, accumulated gain and map. Submissions of photos of watch and other application will not be accepted. 
  14. If treadmill or stair case is your mode of running for the day to gain elevation, a conversion table will be provided and included in your team dashboard where you can convert the treadmill incline or stairs climbed into meters gain +. 
  15. Runners who are using treadmill will need to set their watch as Indoor Run and download this activity into STRAVA. A screen shot of this STRAVA activity will be needed.
  16. Team captains will be responsible to input all members data into an online spreadsheet.
  17. Daily result will be required to be submitted latest by 10.30PM by the Team Captain.

Race Registrations

  1. Registration fees is MYR40 per team.
  2. Registration fees includes: Official Finisher E-Certificate.
  3. Registration opens 16th - 25th September 2020 (10 days)

Race Registrations Procedures

  1. Make payment via Official Online payment portal: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/triple3virtualchallenge 
  2. B.Participant will receive an OFFICIAL PAYMENT confirmation number (SMxxxx-xx) and an official email from Sportlicious Malaysia to acknowledge payment.
  3. Proceed to ONLINE Google Form to complete the TEAM registration: https://forms.gle/NzLHf64ZJWphRQGW7
  4. Payment has to be made in full upon the registration.
  5. E.Malaysia Resident: payment using Online Bank Transfer
  6. Non-Malaysian Resident: payment via PayPal or Credit Card
  7. All Bank Transfer will require submission of bank receipt. 

Prizes and Awards:

  1. Team rewarding scheme: Divided over the 3 challenges. A winner for each challenge. A team may win a challenge or win all three challenges and be crowned The Ultimate Virtual Challenge Overall Champion.
  2. All finisher will receive an official Online E-Certificate.
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