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NAAK Ultra Energy™ Bar

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Näak's energy bar taste like candy but are good for your health! This delicious energy bar provides the nutrition you need to keep going for a long period of time, during your favourite activity or as a protein-packed snack.

Näak Ultra Energy bar was inspired by athletes and adventurers to give you a long lasting energy. Powered by 7g of high-quality & sustainable proteins, non-GMO ingredients and a great taste, it is the perfect on-the-go snack to fuel your next adventure.

  • 7g Protein : With all amino acids to push back muscular fatigue and stop hunge
  • 4:1 Carbs:Protein : The ideal ratio to have stable energy over a long period of time.
  • 180mg Electrolytes : Essential for optimal hydration, to replenish minerals lost in sweat and avoid cramping.
  • 200 Calories : The maximum amount of calories for 45 minutes of intense effort.

Tired of running low? If you've ever experienced the feeling of running out of energy, Näak bars are made for you! Whether you’re having a busy day, on a 200km bike ride or exploring a new trail, it is the ultimate energy bar for keeping your adventure going!

Fed up with dry energy bars that are difficult to chew? With their soft & crispy texture, Näak bars are easy to eat during all kind of activities. They were made to go with you in any adventure even in the most extreme conditions. You won't break your teeth eating them during your winter activities. Tested and approved at -20° in Canada.

Most athletes face digestive problems when working out. No more stomach aches with the Näak Ultra Energy™ bars! Each bar is made with complex sugars and has a low glycemic index that help prevent gastrointestinal discomfort. Now you’re able to keep going for long hours without having to use the toilet.

We carefully selected natural, non-GMO ingredients that provide the ideal balance between taste and performance. Now your sports nutrition is no longer a setback but a pleasurable experience that fuels your body correctly. Our mantra: less is more.

At Näak, we are committed to only using eco-friendly protein sources to minimize our environmental footprint with no compromise on performance. Because we use cricket and plant-based proteins, the manufacturing of Näak Ultra Energy™ bars requires less water, less soil and produces less CO2 than any other bar. Now you can perform at your best and preserve your playground.

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