Unfortunately the modern diet, with an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods and sugars, contains very little magnesium. Even the magnesium inside whole grains and fresh vegetables has been steadily declining in recent years because of the depletion of minerals in farming soils. That’s not good enough considering magnesium is an essential nutrient and required in more than 300 chemical reactions in your body.

Watch out for these 8 Common Signs of Magnesium Deficiency:

1. Sugar Craving

Donuts , Sugary

A burning desire to eat something sweet shows that there is a lack of certain minerals in the body, in particular, magnesium, a necessary co-factor in the metabolism of carbohydrates. 

2. Muscle Cramp

Muscle Cramp

All contraction (tightening) in the body uses calcium and all releasing of tension uses magnesium. When we are magnesium deficient, we generally run out of magnesium long before calcium. As your legs try to relax, a lack of magnesium can prevent the muscle from releasing. 

3. Insomnia

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