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MILESTONE MS-G3 USB Type-C Rechargeable Model - 420 Lumens

RM 399.00
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Compared to the ultra-standard small rechargeable headlamp “MS-G2: 400 lumens”, it can illuminate even farther by achieving more spot illumination. Series first! Equipped with an emergency charge function * Can be lit at 10% light intensity while charging

Ultra-light and compact rechargeable model

Equipped with multi-function function

1) Brightness adjustable *Press and hold the button when lit

2) Lighting pattern memory * Turn on for 3 seconds or more, and after turning off, remember the previous lighting pattern

3) Lock function *Press and hold the button for 3 seconds when the light is off.If the button turns red, the lock function is activated/Unlocking method is the same as pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds and the button turns green.

4) Battery level indicator *100-60%: green lighting, 60-20%: yellow lighting, 20-0%: red lighting

5) Instant off switch function * If you press the button immediately after lighting, it will light with the next lighting pattern → If you press the button after 3 seconds after lighting, it will turn off.


カラー / Color

ID インディゴ

明るさ / brightness

420ルーメン / 420 lm


メイン / main:白色 / cool white LED

サブ / sub :  電球色 / natural warm、赤色 / RED

使用電池 / battery

リチウムイオンポリマー充電池(内蔵) / lithium ion polymer (built-in)

電池寿命 / runtime

17時間 / 17 hrs(5%) 

2時間 / 2 hrs(100%)

防水性能 / water resistance

IPX 4 (防沫型)

照射距離 / beam distance


本体質量 / weight

48g (電池、ベルト含)/ 48g w/battery and strap belt

付属品 / attachment

USB-Type C ケーブル、MS-Gシリーズ専用クリップ / USB Type C cable, and Speciality clip for MS-G siries

特徴 / feature

シリーズ初!エマージェンシーチャージ機能搭載 *充電中10%光量にて点灯可能

Emergency Charge Function:Lights on while charging  *10% brightness

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