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New-HALE V-Shaped Precut Tape

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Product Description

Easy-to-paste V-shaped pre-cut taping born from the safe and reliable brand "New-HALE" that has been used for many years in the professional sports and medical fields.

The V-shape enables and effectively supports the use on the knees, hips, calves, and shoulders.

With the stretch rate of about 60%, which exceeds the stretch rate of about 50% of the skin of indirect parts such as elbows and knees, and the excellent stretch recovery of LYCRA®,

It is adaptable to various taping as a kinesiology / muscle tape and is indirect.・ Firmly supports muscles. 

Product Features

  • No scissors required, pre-cut so easy to apply
  • Safe with instructions on how to paste
  • Hard to get a rash and hard to peel off with sweat
  • Abundant color development

The elastic material is LYCRA®, a polyurethane elastic material used for tights and swimwear, and covered with cotton. C ・ S ・ Y® ”is used.

It produces high elasticity, elasticity recovery, and holding power, and the part that comes into contact with the skin has a soft texture of cotton. By making full use of the excellent performance of the material, we have achieved excellent elasticity and gentleness to the skin according to the movement of the skin and muscles.

Inside The Package

Quantity: 20 sheets
Material: New Halle AKT (97% cotton, 3% polyurethane)
Glue: Acrylic resin
Release paper: Paper

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