ATG VERT - "Race For Elevation, Champion The Mountain"

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  • How to Make Payment? Fill in the Registration Form and Make Payment?
    1. Make payment via Official Online payment portal:
    2. Malaysia Resident: payment using Online Bank Transfer

    3. Non-Malaysian Resident: payment via PayPal or Credit Card

    4. Participant will receive an OFFICIAL PAYMENT confirmation number (SMxxxx-xx) and an official email from Sportlicious Malaysia to acknowledge payment.
    5. Proceed to ONLINE Google Form to complete the TEAM registration.

  • How to Fill in the Registration Form?
    1. Fill up the ONLINE Race Registration Form: https://forms.gle/DJGvz7jFxWVkqshv9
    2. In the form, you will be prompted to make payment to obtain your Order Confirmation Number (e.g. SM0000-00) to proceed. Please follow Step 1 (above) to make the necessary payment.
    3. Once you obtain your Order Number (e.g. SM0000-00), proceed to complete filling in a total of 5 pages of the race registration form.
    4. The following information are required to complete Race Registration Form:
      • Team Name
      • Country
      • Order Confirmation Number ((e.g. SM0000-00)
      • Team Member Name
      • Email Address
      • D.O.B
      • Contact Number
      • Gmail email address of all team members (a valid Gmail account is required)

  • Why do I need to select a delivery method?

    Choose GDEX courier services to enjoy FREE delivery charges.

  • Where can I find the Race Information? 

    The following race information can be found in the main race registration site: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/atg-vert-run-2020
    1. Race Registration Form
    2. Q&A
    3. About
    4. Objectives 
    5. Virtual Race Procedure
    6. Rules & Regulations
    7. Terms & Conditions

  • How and why connect to Sportlicious Malaysia Strava club?

    1. Link: https://www.strava.com/clubs/sportliciousmalaysia
    2. Click on Follow to Join the Club.
    3. Sportlicious Malaysia Strava Club is open to athletes of all levels, skills, races and ethnic group. Everyone is welcome to join. In our community, you decide the sport you love. Running, jogging, mountain trailing, walking, cycling, swimming or indoor fitness. We are here to connect athletes and individuals of all skills, levels and ability.

      We are here to support each other, to encourage with Kudos, to push each other a step further, to make beating your yesterday possible! Healthy competition in a healthy way. Our main mission is the Keep the Passion going.

  • Who do I contact if I face a problem?

    For any assistance or clarification, please contact us at:
    WhatsApp Texts: +60 18-288 7392
    Email: [email protected]


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily outdoor sports activities. Though most
countries are returning to some kind of normalcy, it is likely to take several months before we can all
take part in outdoor trail events like we used to. In the absence of being in an actual mountain
racing, we have developed ATG Vert – “Race for Elevation, Champion the Mountain”. A virtual
team race over a duration of 10 days for all participants across Asia.


Trail running often involves a lot of ascents and descents. Having the endurance and skill to run
uphill and the right technique to tackle elevation is one of the main features of a strong trail runner.
ATG (Asia Trail Girls) and Sportlicious Malaysia want to help you to not only improve your uphill
running but also to challenge yourself and have fun with others in these difficult times.

With this we have come up with The Race for Elevation. It's the ultimate elevation gain challenge.
Within ten days you and your team should attempt to gain as many vertical meters as possible. You
can run, hike and climb outdoors or indoors using hills, stairs or treadmills. Three team with the
largest accumulated vertical gain wins!

Virtual Race Procedure & Regulations

  1. Team of 4 members, with a minimum of (2) Female members.
  2. Run at home up your stairs, run up a car park, run outdoors on an uphill road, run in the trails, up the mountain, run on a treadmill or at any place convenient to you.
  3. Each member can perform their activities at any time of the day/night. 
  4. Team members will have 10 days to complete this challenge.
  5. Top 3 Teams to reach the largest elevation gain in 10 days win and will be awarded accordingly.
  6. In case of a tie (participants finishing the same level on the same day), the ranking will be based on the total hours spent to achieve the elevation gain. >> this really won’t happen but we can keep this as it still can be the same rule but with moving time (not elapsed time)
  7. Each member is required to clock a minimum accumulated elevation gain of 2500 meters over the 10 days period.
  8. Team members are not required to run together, and may choose to run at your own time and convenience.
  9. Time recording for distance will be based on MOVING Time. You are allowed to stop your watch to take a break throughout your activity.
  10. Team members are required to FOLLOW “SPORTLICIOUS MALAYSIA” Club on STRAVA under http://strava.com/clubs.sportliciousmalaysia
  11. Each member must set their STRAVA activity to public setting during the 10 days duration of the race. Failure to do so will cause the entire team to be disqualified.
  12. Each run must show the following information:
    1. Date
    2. Distance
    3. Time (moving time)
    4. Total Elevation Gain (in meters)
    5. Average Pace
    6. Running Mode: Road, Trail, Stairs, Treadmill
  13. Team members are required to upload a screenshot of their daily STRAVA activities into their respective Team PHOTO ALBUM in Google Drive (link will be provided).
  14. The screen shot of each member's STRAVA result has to show the following: time stamp, distance, map and elevation gain for the run. Submissions of photos of watch and other application will not be accepted.
  15. If treadmill is your mode of running for the day, a conversion table will be provided and included in your team dashboard where you can convert the treadmill incline into meters gain +.
  16. Runners who are using treadmill will need to set their watch as Indoor Run and download this activity into STRAVA. A screen shot of this STRAVA activity will be needed. Runners using treadmill must take a photo of the treadmill display upon finishing their activity to clearly show the average % incline.
  17. Team captains will be responsible to input all members data into an online spreadsheet. Other team members also can request access to the sheet in case the team captain is not able to upload data.
  18. Daily result will be required to be submitted latest by 10.30PM by each Team Captain.
  19. Run activity that continues beyond 10.00 pm or starts after 10 pm is automatically counted into next day activity and needs be submitted as run of the next day.
  20. No submission of a run is necessary if zero (0) mileage for that day.
  21. No minimum mileage/elevation needs to be completed every day.
  22. Total result of each team will be updated daily and will be reflected after 3 PM on Asia Trail Girls (ATG) and Sportlicious Malaysia Facebook page.
  23. Contest on the published results should be done via email at [email protected] no later than 24 hours from time of activity.


  • Don’t have a MOUNTAIN to CLIMB?
    1. Climb up and down staircase
    2. Run up and down car park
    3. Run over over-head bridges
    4. Run on inclined roads or terrains.
    5. Run on treadmill under incline mode (a picture screen shot of average incline on treadmill is required for submission purposes. This will appear when you end your workout session and will be flashed on the treadmill screen.)
    6. Step up and down a high stool, chair or box.

  • What If Your WATCH Has No GPS Reading?
  • There will be circumstances where GPS satellite is low at certain location and your watch won’t show GPS reading. Here are what you are NOT ALLOWED to be doing when you DON’T have GPS. 
    • Indoor staircase climb won’t be allowed
    • Indoor car park run won’t be allowed
  • If you choose to RUN Indoor but has NO GPS readings, what can you do?
  1. Stand outdoors to successfully connect your watch in GPS mode before entering any building, car park or staircase.
  2. Once your watch catches a GPS reading, start in and only stop once you completed your indoor task. Normally the GPS mode will stay on until you end your session.
  3. If in any circumstances, GPS reading disconnects, you will have no choice but to submit recordings of your daily mileage under GPS status.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Team members are required to perform this virtual race with honesty.
  2. Team members are required to comply with their respective countries Government Standard Operation Protocol (SOP).
  3. Recording the distance while doing other daily activities or by using other means of transportation is not allowed and will be against the rules of this race.
  4. For every ascend, each runner is required to descend via foot. Taking a car, motor bike, bicycle, elevator, escalator and any other means of transportation downhill, apart from by foot, will not be allowed.
  5. Do not stop your watch between your activities. Total time recorded should be based on moving time. You are required to capture the entire duration of your activity including your resting time. You are allowed to stop your watch if you need to take a break throughout the activity.
  6. Team members found cheating will be not be awarded with the Official Finisher E-Certificate, and will be disqualified from winning any award should the team fall into a winning category.
  7. Team members are required to perform this virtual race with honesty.
  8. Team members are required to comply with their respective countries Government
    Standard Operation Protocol (SOP).

Race Registrations

  1. Registration fees is MYR10 per person, or MYR40 per team.
  2. Registration fees includes: Official Finisher E-Certificate.
  3. Registration fees includes: 𝗮 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗪𝗜𝗡 𝗦𝗖𝗢𝗧𝗧 𝗦𝗨𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗖 𝗥𝗖 𝟮.𝟬 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝘅 𝟮 𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗿𝘀.

Race Registrations Procedures

  1. Make payment via Official Online payment portal: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/atg-vert-run-2020 
  2. B.Participant will receive an OFFICIAL PAYMENT confirmation number (SMxxxx-xx) and an official email from Sportlicious Malaysia to acknowledge payment.
  3. Proceed to ONLINE Google Form to complete the TEAM registration: https://forms.gle/DJGvz7jFxWVkqshv9
  4. Payment has to be made in full upon the registration.
  5. E.Malaysia Resident: payment using Online Bank Transfer
  6. Non-Malaysian Resident: payment via PayPal or Credit Card
  7. All Bank Transfer will require submission of bank receipt. 

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