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The 7 Missions

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The idea

A new virtual team event that lasts one week from Monday to Sunday. Not a replica of ATM 500, but a different concept that focuses on team performance as well as individual performance

Event date: 11-17 January 2021

  1. Race Days & Missions
  2. Monday - Mission 1: 10 km
  3. Tuesday - Mission 2: 5 km
  4. Wednesday - Mission 3: 1 hour
  5. Thursday - Mission 4: 5 km
  6. Friday - Mission 5: 10 km
  7. Saturday - Mission 6: 21.1 km (half marathon)
  8. Sunday - Mission 7: 42.2 km (marathon)

For complete race information: http://www.asiatrailmaster.com/the-7-missions

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Procedure & Primary Regulations

  • 7 virtual race stages, called ‘Missions’, in 7 days from Monday to Sunday inclusive.
  • Teams of four runners
  • Categories: Male, Female and Mixed (Male x 2, Female x 2)
  • Run at home, run outdoors, run in your park, run on a treadmill or at any place convenient to you.
  • Team members are not required to run together, and may choose to run at own time and convenience. If they run together, a picture immediately after finishing the run should be taken and submitted to Race Control (RC) as evidence
  • Team members are required to comply with their respective countries Government Standard Order Protocol (SOP) for the prevention of Covid 19.
  • Each team must choose a name and assign a Team Captain who is the primary communication person for RC
  • Each team member must complete minimum 4 of the 7 Missions
  • Each Mission must be completed by minimum 3 team members in order to score a team time. The running times of the fastest three runners in a team will be added up to produce the team time. Exception is Mission 3 - The Hour Race - during which teams run directly for bonus time as described in Detail 1 below
  • If only two or one of the team members finish that day’s Mission, it will be considered a DNF for the team on that day. This team will then get a time penalty of 15 minutes on top of the slowest finishing team time of that day
  • Winner of the ‘7 Missions’ competition is the team who finishes all 7 Missions in the fastest time. Teams who finish all 7 Missions will be ranked higher than teams who finish only 6, 5 or fewer Missions, regardless of their team running time 
  • Bonus time will be given to teams who complete a Mission with all of its 4 members (see Detail 1 below)
  • Participants can run at any time of day except 22:00 till midnight. The team captain
    must submit his team’s results of the day before 10 pm to race control.
  • In addition, each team member’s run must be logged by GPS device for verification purposes. Race Control will not accept any runner’s result without a log. We also recommend upload to Strava, and once a runner has an account to join “Club ATM” and “Sportlicious Malaysia” to facilitate cross-checking
  • Cheetah Cup: separate points-based ranking for individual team members’ performances (see Detail 2 below)
  • For detailed regulations, visits https://www.asiatrailmaster.com/the-7-missions

Additional Details

Detail 1: The 7 Missions Bonus Time Zone

  • Bonus time will be awarded each day to teams that complete a Mission with all its four members
  • This Bonus time reflects the race distance of that day’s Mission:
  • 10 km = 10 minutes
  • 5 km = 5 minutes
  • 21.1 km = 21 minutes
  • 42.2 km = 42 minutes
  • Mission 3: The 1 Hour Race = the team’s bonus time will reflect the distance run by the three fastest team members converted into minutes
  • Example:
  • Team Runner 1 runs 12.3 km
  • Team Runner 2 runs 14.6 km
  • Team Runner 3 runs 10.8km
  • Team Runner 4 runs 11.5 km
  • The Team’s Mileage is therefore: 14.6+12.3+11.5 = 38.4 km
  • 38.4 km is converted into 38 minutes bonus time for the team
  • Note the rounding:
  • 38.00 to 38.49 km = 38’ .
  • 38.50 to 38.99 km would be 38’30” bonus

Elevation gain: each time a team reaches a plateau of 500m of elevation gain, it receives a 15-minute time bonus. Note that every day only the elevation data of the 3 fastest runners of a team, which makes up the day’s team time, is taken into account. (so, 3 runners going for a fast time on a flat road and 1 going up a steep hill won’t yield any bonus result)

Detail 2: Cheetah Cup Points Ranking

  • For the fast runners among the participants in The 7 Missions, we introduce a separate classification based on points: the Cheetah Cup
  • Points will be scored on the 5k, 10k, 1 Hour, Half Marathon and Marathon distances of The 7 Missions competition (= 5 exercises in total)
  • Points system: Very simple: the people who run the fastest time on the abovementioned exercises score 50 points, and anyone else in the Top 15 score points as well according to the following table:

  • The Cheetah (1st place): 50 points
  • 2nd place: 40 points
  • 3rd place: 35 points
  • 4th place: 30 points
  • 5th place: 25 points
  • 6th place: 20 points
  • 7th place: 18 points
  • 8th place: 16 points
  • 9th place: 14 points
  • 10th place: 12 points
  • 11th place: 10 points
  • 12th place: 8 points
  • 13th place: 6 points
  • 14th place: 4 points
  • 15th place: 2 points

  • The runner who has collected most points after the marathon of Mission 7 wins the Cheetah Cup
  • Note that runners cannot score points twice on 10k (Mission 1 and Mission 5) and 5k (Mission 2 and Mission 4). Instead, the best time of each runner of those two relevant Missions will be taken into account for the final 10k and 5k ranking
  • This implies a runner who wants to win the Cheetah Cup can decide to skip Missions 4 and 5 if he/she is satisfied with his/her time ran on Missions 1 and/or 2. Up to him/her!
  • Alternatively, a runner can skip Missions 1 and 2 to see how other fast runners perform and use them as a target time on Missions 4 and 5.
  • Or.. a runner can just run everything (and help the team get bonus time for The 7 Missions competition!)
  • Categories:
  • Male & Female Category Overall
  • Male & Female Youth Category U25

Detail 3: Mountain Goat Trophy , supported by High Trail 9 Peaks Ulju

Added to the 7 Missions event at the last minute: an elevation ranking for individual runners similar to the abovementioned Cheetah Cup. Runners of course need to belong to a team signed up for the 7 Missions team challenge. The Mountain Goat Trophy is supported by High Trail 9 Peaks Ulju, the great new mountain trail points race in South Korea that will enter the 2021 Asia Trail Master Championship.

The Mountain Goat Trophy ranking is based on accumulated elevation gain by each runner during the week of the 7 Missions

The required running distance of each Mission (or 1 Hour time limit on Mission 3) must be respected or the result will be a DNF and the elevation gain will not be taken into account.

Sweet reminder of primary regulation 9: “A 15-minute Bonus time will also be awarded to teams, each time the team reaches an elevation gain of 500 hm. Only the data used for the daily team result - its fastest three runners of the day - will be taken into account” . In other words, sending one team member off into the hills every day won’t yield any bonus as he/she is likely to set a slower running time than the three others who run a flatter course.

A special Prize for the individual Mountain Goat (male/female) will be provided by High Trail 9 Peaks Ulju

To be eligible for the prize, runners are required to make a short selfie video at a hill or mountain top and post on social media including hashtag #HIGHTRAILNINEPEAKSULJU #하이트레일나인피크울주 . In the short video, the runner can just express his feeling of having just reached a hilltop and express his support and/or expectations for the High Trail 9 Peaks Ulju event.

The man and woman who accumulate the most elevation gain over the entire duration of The 7 Missions event will win a free registration for the 2021 High Trail 9 Peaks event in South Korea with a Tour package (including local transportation from airport and hotel accommodation, but excluding flight)

Conditions of Entry

  • The 7 Missions registration is open for anyone anywhere and must be done online before the start of Mission 1.
  • Participation in the 7 Missions Virtual Race is entirely at your own risk. The 7 Missions organizing team cannot be held liable for any accident, injury or other health issues that may occur during the event. A disclaimer stating your agreement with this policy must be approved prior to submitting your online registration
  • Registration can be done for all team members by the assigned team captain via a Google Form online
  • To faciliate coverage of the virtual event, we request participants to send in a self-made team picture and/or a selfie of each team member before the start of the event. Photos should be rights-free, and by sending them the runners give their explicit consent that they can be used by Asia Trail Master and Sportlicious Malaysia in the context of The 7 Missions event
  • Registration fee/team: MYR 40.00
  • For complete race information: http://www.asiatrailmaster.com/the-7-missions



  • How to Make Payment? Fill in the Registration Form and Make Payment?
    1. Make payment via Official Online payment portal: https://www.sportliciousmalaysia.com/products/the-7-missions
    2. Malaysia Resident: payment using Online Bank Transfer
    3. Non-Malaysian Resident: payment via PayPal or Credit Card
    4. Participant will receive an OFFICIAL PAYMENT confirmation number (SMxxxx-xx) and an official email from Sportlicious Malaysia to acknowledge payment.
    5. Proceed to ONLINE Google Form to complete the TEAM registration.

  • How to Fill in the Registration Form?
    1. Fill up the ONLINE Race Registration Form: https://forms.gle/aFucwJeLBVZXouxPA
    2. In the form, you will be prompted to make payment to obtain your Order Confirmation Number (e.g. SM0000-00) to proceed. Please follow Step 1 (above) to make the necessary payment.
    3. Once you obtain your Order Number (e.g. SM0000-00), proceed to complete filling in a total of 5 pages of the race registration form.
    4. The following information are required to complete Race Registration Form:
      • Team Name
      • Country
      • Order Confirmation Number ((e.g. SM0000-00)
      • Team Member Name
      • Email Address
      • D.O.B
      • Contact Number
      • Gmail email address of all team members (a valid Gmail account is required)

  • Why do I need to select a delivery method?

    Choose GDEX courier services to enjoy FREE delivery charges.

  • Where can I find the Race Information? 

    The following race information can be found in the main race registration site: https://www.asiatrailmaster.com/the-7-missions
  1. Race Registration Form
  2. Q&A
  3. About
  4. Objectives 
  5. Virtual Race Procedure
  6. Rules & Regulations
  7. Terms & Conditions

  • How and why connect to Sportlicious Malaysia and ATM Strava club?

    1. Link: https://www.strava.com/clubs/sportliciousmalaysia
      Link: https://www.strava.com/clubs/asiatrailmaster
    2. Click on Follow to Join the Club.
    3. Sportlicious Malaysia Strava Club is open to athletes of all levels, skills, races and ethnic group. Everyone is welcome to join. In our community, you decide the sport you love. Running, jogging, mountain trailing, walking, cycling, swimming or indoor fitness. We are here to connect athletes and individuals of all skills, levels and ability.

      We are here to support each other, to encourage with Kudos, to push each other a step further, to make beating your yesterday possible! Healthy competition in a healthy way. Our main mission is the Keep the Passion going.

  • Who do I contact if I face a problem?

    For any assistance or clarification, please contact us at:
    WhatsApp Texts: +60 18-4748 294
    Email: [email protected]
    For complete race information: http://www.asiatrailmaster.com/the-7-missions

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